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Monthly Archives: April 2013

A Moment in Time CLEAR (2013)

Patrick (Coco Martin) stars as a part-time waiter and self-employed artist living in Paris. He met Jillian (Julia Montes) on a subway and the two fell in love. Patrick later discovers Jillian’s past and has a hard time accepting the truth. How will these lovers deal with this dilemma? Follow Patrick and Jillian through Paris, Amsterdam, and the Philippines in ... Read More »

T2 (2009)

The movie begins with Claire (Maricel Soriano) with Elias (Eric Fructuoso) picking up a child as an assignment. Her mission is to give her to her adoptive family. After picking up the child Angeli (Mika dela Cruz); strange things occur. They then arrive at the Tenement 2 where Angeli’s new parents are staying, where they find Tess (Camille Pratts), Melissa ... Read More »